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The Pomsky is the latest of the so-called “Designer” breeds, and it is without a doubt one of the cutest. Some of these dogs do look like miniature Huskies. Some even look like little stuffed toy Huskies. It’s almost a wonder that it took so long to come up with this hybrid, since Husky puppies can be so darn cute. Those Pomskies that lean more towards the Pomeranian in appearance are no less cute, however.

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Arial is a 10 yr old female with a mass on her Paw and a heart murmur. She was left by her owner. Thank you to OC Animal Shelter for extending her time while rescue was found!!  We will update as we learn more about her.

Charlie the Dameranian puppy at 4 months old— "Charlie's mom is a mini long hair Dachshund and his father is a Pomeranian . He is very loving and loves to play ."

Bio: Mom Thunder Pomeranian Dad Bingo Poodle Vet checked 1st shots and paper pottie trained! all dressed up for halloween! REDUCED CALL ME! ALMOST HOUSEBROKEN

A lot of individuals are baffled between the difference between a Pomeranian husky mix and a Pomsky. Obviously it depends since the puppies of Pomeranian husky mix are similar to Pomsky puppies in certain aspects and they look the same. Nevertheless, you have to take note that not all are considered as official Pomskies.

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