Owl City Ocean Eyes


Tracklist: CD1: 01 – Cave In 02 – The Bird & The Worm 03 – Hello Seattle 04 – Umbrella Beach 05 – The Saltwater Room 06 – Dental Care 07 – Meteor Shower 08 – On The Wing 09 – Fireflies 10 – The Tip Of The Iceberg 11 – Vanilla Twilight 12 – Tidal Wave

Ocean Eyes , released on the iTunes Store on July 14, 2009, and in stores on September 1, 2009, is the second studio album by American electronica project Owl City . It features a photograph of the Burj Al Arab as its album artwork. A vinyl edition was released, followed by a deluxe edition available on January 26, 2010. [1] The deluxe edition incorporates four new tracks, including a remix of "Hello Seattle". The album contains guest vocals by Relient K vocalist Matt Thiessen on the songs " Fireflies ", "Cave In", "The Bird and the Worm", and "Tidal Wave".

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Suffering from insomnia while working loading Coca-Cola trucks, Adam Young began to compose music, recording with a C-1 Behringer Microphone. Among the software that he began with was Reason from Propellerhead. He began uploading songs recorded in his parents' basement to Myspace. He started to receive favorable attention for his music and then helped cultivate this nascent fanbase by being an open and accessible web presence, responding to any messages he received and constantly posting blogs. His manager Steve Bursky later highlighted the significance of Young's engaging online manner in building his following saying: "People feel like they know him, like they've got a direct connection to him because of how he approaches his connection with them online. " Through a deal with the digital aggregator CD Baby, he then started making the songs available for sale through iTunes. In 2007, Owl City released an EP titled Of June, followed by the 2008 release of the album Maybe I'm Dreaming. Of June reached No.  15 on the Billboard Electronic Albums chart, and Maybe I'm Dreaming peaked on the same chart at No.  13.

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