Light Leak


"We recently used light leaks in a short inspirational film we made and  we are so happy with the final product.  These effects are  easy to use and create an amazing look. The staff are also extremely friendly and helpful."

Light Leaks is a collection of 100% real light elements that will enhance your videos with beautiful light effects . It is a quick way to add a dream or romantic look to your creations, give your projects vintage feeling, create cool transitions between shots, make dynamic slideshows.

An easy way to make your project look more ‘cinematic’ is to overlay film grain, light leaks or other film-specific attributes. They can be used to emulate film stock, create transitions or for experimental and aggressive looks. There are many expensive options you can buy to achieve these looks…but for the low budget filmmaker FREE is a fabulous price!

Here are 7 simple yet effective things to pay attention to so your Flowering Stage goes great and your plants produce a huge, picture-perfect harvest every time!  

Ever need some quick and easy light leaks for your projects? Here’s 16 light leaks I’m giving away for free in my Light Leaks Pack! It’s the least I could do to give back to the awesome supportive community I have here at the Dojo.

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