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Dry hair can be caused by a lot of things such as shampooing too often in hot water, alcohol-based styling products, excessive blow drying, pool water, too much sun exposure, and extreme heat. Often, the fix can be something as simple as changing your routine. If your hair is dry, try these tips:

I’ve got this client who is always complaining about his thick head of hair. As a guy with thinning hair, I’d like to spin him around in the chair and smack the crap out of him. “Dave, my hair’s so thick, I can’t control it.” Oh, blah, blah, blah. While I’d trade heads of hair with him any day of the week, I do concede that very thick hair poses certain styling challenges. Fortunately, I’ve got some solutions for how to control thick hair for men.

The root  cause—literally—is a dry scalp, which is a result of your scalp losing moisture to things like a sudden change in temperature (from moist weather to dry air, wind, or sun), excess heat from hair tools (like a blow dryer), overuse of alcohol-based grooming products, a poor diet, and more. It frizzes easily, lacks smoothness and shine, and just feels, well, dried out. It can also cause an itchy, irritation on your scalp, which can then turn skin cells into small white flakes (not to be confused with dandruff flakes).

On any day, your hair gets washed, dried, styled, tousled by hand and wind, greased by natural oils and sweat, slept on, and so forth. Considering that your hair is already dead to begin with, it’s quite the challenge to keep it looking lively over time.

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