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Like other fad diets , the Paleo diet is promoted as a way of improving health. [6] Limited data exist on the metabolic effects on humans eating the diet, though the available data suggest following this diet may lead to improvements in terms of body composition and metabolic effects as compared to the typical Western diet [3] or as compared to diets recommended by national nutritional guidelines. [7] Following the Paleo diet can lead to an inadequate calcium intake . [2]

Weeknight Paleo hits store shelves tomorrow. We’ll be having a little celebration at the house tomorrow night for this most joyous occasion and our fish cakes are on the menu. These little buggers make a tremendous appetizer and can scale up to a full serving of protein for your meal. If you’re pantry looks anything… Continue Reading

Happy President's Day! I hope you were the one of the lucky people that have today off so you can celebrate a long weekend! We sadly had a tough weekend over here. My husband only …

The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic! Research in biology, biochemistry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many other disciplines indicate it is our modern diet, full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, that is at the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility. – Robb Wolf

This means anything we could hunt or find – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds. Sorry, the pasta, cereal, and candy will have to go! Instead, you’ll be making things like  chicken stir fry  and  paleo spaghetti .

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