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Thermo Scientific Animal Health Solutions are setting global standards for high quality susceptibility testing products, reagents and automated Johne's Disease detection in veterinary microbiology laboratories. In fact, Thermo Scientific Sensititre susceptibility testing products are the system of choice for global surveillance programs, including NARMS. Other signature product lines include Thermo Scientific PathoProof Mastitis PCR Assays, the new standard in bovine mastitis testing, and the Thermo Scientific para -JEM System for automated Johne's Disease detection.

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The company was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1902 by Chester Garfield Fisher (1881-1965), originally called the "Scientific Materials Co. ". After obtaining his degree in engineering at Western University of Pennsylvania (now University of Pittsburgh), C. G. Fisher purchased the stockroom of the Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory. Fisher became a supplier of lab equipment and reagents for the area's industrial research. Early products included microscopes, burets, pipettes, litmus, balances, colorimeters, dissecting kits, and anatomical models. The first catalog, the 400 page Scientific Materials Co. Catalog of Laboratory Apparatus & Supplies, was published in 1904. Fisher established an R&D lab at his company in 1915. Edwin Fisher, Chester's brother, developed the 'Meker-Fisher burner in 1921, an advancement on the design of the Bunsen burner. The company manufactured an electric-combustion furnace and combustion train for analyzing carbon levels in steel, and an electrically heated and thermostatically controlled bacteriological incubator. In 1925, the company purchased Montreal-based Scientific Supplies, Ltd.

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