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After his novel God Hates Us All is adapted into a Hollywood film that he despises, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Hank Moody is suffering from writer's block and wallowing in alcohol, drugs and promiscuous sex. Karen is engaged to a man he despises, Bill Lewis. Hank meets a young woman in a bookshop reading his book and sleeps with her. He later learns that she is Mia, Bill's sixteen-year-old daughter. Mia proceeds to harass Hank during his visits to his family and uses the threat of statutory rape charges to extort stories from him that she passes off as her own for her high-school creative-writing class. During a stay in New York for his father's funeral, Hank writes a manuscript drawing from his encounter with Mia. When the only copy falls into the hands of Mia, she slightly alters it and tries to have it published as her own; Fucking & Punching sees much interest from the publishing world. On Karen and Bill's wedding day, Hank chooses to be unselfish and accept the situation so as not to destroy his beloved's wedding day. But that evening, as he and Becca leave the reception, Karen runs out and jumps into his car and they drive off.

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