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Halloween (2018)

As a true fan of good cinema, I’m also a fan of films with a good story - I didn’t deny myself the pleasure to go on Halloween, right on the eve of the holiday, which is built on our western color.

Such films are viewed from the point of view of genre.

What is a slasher? There is an antagonist in the film that kills a large number of people in the most sophisticated ways. This is the basic concept, because the focus is on this. No need to invent strong scenarios to come up with something like that. We need a colorful maniac, a large amount of violence and minimalism from the technical side.

The first film "Halloween" opened the genre in 1978 and it is absolutely unique. A fairly low budget of 325 thousand dollars made him a cashier of 40 million dollars. It was a period when the costumes for the heroes were bought in the Second Hand, and good equipment had to be rented. Everything was good: from the atmosphere to the visual plan. But such films have a significant disadvantage. They place very little emphasis on scenarios, choose simplicity, and there is a sheer stupidity in the actions of the heroes. Yes, but here is the question of aesthetics.

What happened in this movie? Stupidity has reached a cosmic scale. If you could not notice this in the very first film, which covered the flaws with its advantages, and to determine nonsense - you had to peer, then here the weaknesses are so noticeable that they can pierce the crystals of the eye.

The scenario is very simple, according to the canons of the genre, only weak heroes who generally do not want to empathize with their amazing actions.

You can even add support to the original. It was easier to understand this movie when you know the background, the story and the creation. It is much easier if you saw the first film, since this one is connected with the first one. Now the question remains: what should the spectator, who just came to the cinema and not familiar with the original source, do? It will be more difficult for him, the line may be blurred and the essence of the genre is incomprehensible. Such things are often used by the guys from Marvel, who create a movie with a support on the original source. Yes, it's easier for you to understand him if you know the source, but what if you don't know anything about it? Of course, questions will arise.

What good is it if there are such significant flaws? I think that this is primarily scenes of violence, which are key to the genre. They are shown so well that you have to even shudder. Not every murder is close to reality, but the effect is crazy. We can say that the film has coped with this criterion.

You can also add a good elaboration of details, quality of shooting and quality of installation. Overall, everything looks very good, based on a budget of $ 10 million. This is simply the invisible maximum that is available in this case. I do not know how the creators coped with it.

It turned out that a one-time movie turned out, trying to get closer to the basic concept, pleased with its aesthetics. It helps to relax, especially if you want to watch a movie that is not straining.

Incredibles 2 (2018)

Ironically, this is a purely commercial sequel, whose spirit can immediately be declared in repetition of the original material, indeed, the story continues. Yes, "The Incredible 2" begins where the first film ends, ignoring the fact that in 14 years the genre of superheroes has become the main engine of the modern Hollywood machine. Imagine a world without superheroes has become impossible. The first film used familiar genre techniques and even touched the back streets of a household story about how hard it is to find a balance between family and vocation. The sequel, well, is felt at first a bit trite and almost sucked from the finger ... until it becomes clear that the creative vision of director Brad Bird has not gone anywhere: new animation, new saga, new problems and, of course, new thoughts.

The efforts of the Parr family to save the city proved futile - the government is spending too many resources to cover the results of superhero battles. Alas, the program of reviving superheroes is closed and all the superies are again outlawed. On Mr. Exceptional, Elastic and Freon comes the mysterious millionaire Winston and his sister - the technical genius Evelyn. The couple is interested in the return of trust to superheroes and wants to sponsor their activities. Since Mr. Exceptional is considered, well, too exceptional (read - destructive), the object of sympathy for the townsfolk should be Elastic, while her spouse is babysitting with children. Elastica faces the villain Ekranotiran, while Bob tries to help Shastik with algebra, Violet - with problems of transitional age, and Jack-Jack - with a host of discovered superpowers.

According to the annotation and the main plot, at first it seems that Pixar shoots the same to the viewer. Bob was replaced by Helen, but in general, well, the plot remained the same. However, at some point, everything changes. Imperceptibly, but at the same time destroys the whole conceived concept, creating a completely new work. When Bob goes out of his comfort zone, and Helen re-tastes superhero life, "The Incredible 2" becomes a good satire / image of the modern progressive family. Of course, you can blame the sequel for monotony, since many scenes consist only of Elastika’s efforts to save the city and Bob’s irritated attempts to cope with offspring, but both of these plot lines work by themselves, complementing each other, and finally forming a common world. local little naive retro superheroes.

Like many other Pixar cartoons, "The Incredible 2" represents reconciliation of the mundane with the supernatural. The idea is literally voiced that the parents of the Parr family want to be both supers and parents, but they live in a world that makes them choose one thing. Characters are forced into conflict with themselves, even to some extent developing the thoughts of the supervillain of the Syndrome from the first film: the world must be either “super” or ordinary. All this is great complements the original work, and develops the characters, although at first glance, again, it seems that they are spiritually in place.

By the way, about the villains. The elusive Ekranotiran wants to free society from its "crutches" - superheroes. To reveal his plan in more detail means to enter the spoilers' territory, but it is rather curious to watch the villain using screens, taking into account the current time of smartphones.

In "The Incredibles 2," new heroes take the stage, and the old ones return. As before, one of the key creative contributions is the jazz soundtrack, the design of retro-futurism and, of course, pleasant animation.

A rare sequel justifies the expectation of fans. "The Incredible 2" is just such a case. Some critics initially questioned the need for a sequel to the animated film, but the magic of exploring the modern family through the prism of science fiction also works in this case: by viewing, you can find out what is important and what is not; re-observe the problems associated with choosing the perfect balance between work and home; and reflect on the messages regarding changing family and gender roles. It’s interesting to watch because it’s true.

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